About Us


Vincent Ah Chuen, non-executive, Chairperson of the Company, is the Managing Director of ABC Group of Companies and a member of the Board of Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd. since 1992. Mr Ah Chuen also holds numerous directorships of quoted companies on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

François Cayeux, executive, Stockbroker of the Company, is an active Sworn Broker dealing in the sale of sugar for the account of free planters and metayers under the agis of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate. Mr. Cayeux is the Syndic of the Mauritian Chamber of Brokers and has been a member of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since its inception.

Pierre de Chasteigner du Mée, executive, Managing Director,  Company Secretary and Stockbroker of the Company, is  a Sworn Broker, a Stockbroker, on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, a licensed Company Secretary and a fellow member of the Chartered Management Institute (England). He is a member of the National Pensions Board, National Savings Fund Technical Committee, National Pension / National Savings Fund Investment Committee and of the Advisory Council of the Mauritius Sugar Authority. He is also a Director, a member of the Investment Committee and the Chairperson of the Audit Committee of P.O.L.I.C.Y. Ltd. and a Director and a member of the Audit Committee of Investec Bank (Mauritius) Ltd. Since completing his Chartered Accountancy Studies in the U.K., he has occupied various functions as Group Financial Controller and Sugar Estate General Manager within the Constance Group and Executive Director of Constance Hotels Services Ltd.

Dominique Galea, non-executive, is the Chairman of The Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd. He holds a degree in “Hautes Etudes Commerciales” (HEC) and is currently the Chairperson of Ducray Lenoir (Investments) Ltd and United Docks Ltd. He started his career in the textile industry in the early 1980’s by setting up a textile agency business, Kasa Textile & Co Ltd. He has since diversified his activities by acquiring a majority interest in Ducray Lenoir Ltd in 1988, and in Rey & Lenferna Ltd in 1998. The latter subsequently took over Forges Tardieu Ltd in early 2005. He was appointed on the board of directors of that company on January 26, 1994, resigned on May 28, 2010 and was reappointed on September 07, 2010.

Bertrand Casteres non-executive since 24th June 2014, born in 1978, is an engineer in applied mathematics and holds a Master’s degree in applied mathematics, actuarial science and finance. Prior to joining the Mauritius Union Group in January 2012 as head of internal audit, he had worked for the major insurance companies in Europe. He joined Generali in Paris in 2004 as an actuarial analyst in the Life reserving department. From 2007 to 2009, he worked for the French insurance association ( FFSA) as economic and financial manager where he lobbied regulators and the European Commission on behalf of French insurers, especially as regards the implantation of the European Solvency II Directive. Mr. Casteres was appointed CEO Designate of the Mauritius Union Assurance Cy Ltd on 1 January 2013.