DEM Markets

Previous dem session : Monday, January 15, 2018

Current dem session : Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Name Nominal Value Previous Price Current Price Net Change % Change Volume Value Traded Chart/News  
Banks & Insurance                 
ABCB - ABC BANKING CORPORATION 15.0026.4026.400.000.00 %5,500145,200.00InfoStill
ANGM - SWAN LIFE LTD10.001,290.001, %00.00InfoStill
BYCH - BYCHEMEX LTD1.004.424.00-0.42-9.50 %5002,040.00InfoDown
FORT - FORGES TARDIEU LTD50.00125.25125.250.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
GIL - LES GAZ INDUSTRIELS LTEE10.0063.7563.750.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
LFL I - LIVESTOCK FEED (O)10.0041.0041.000.000.00 %50020,500.00InfoStill
LFL J - LIVESTOCK FEED (P)10.0025.5025.500.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
LMLC I - LES MOULINS DE LA CONC. (O)100.00221.50221.500.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
LMLC J - LES MOULINS DE LA CONC. (P)100.00335.00335.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
MCOS - MAURITIUS COSMETICS10.0035.0035.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
MIL - MARGARINE INDUSTRIES LTD100.00923.00923.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
MSIL - MAURITIUS SECONDARY INDUSTRIES10.0029.7029.700.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
PCCL - PAPER CONVERTING LTD10.0027.0027.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
QBL - QUALITY BEVERAGES 10.0015.4015.400.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
SAIL - SOAP and ALLIED IND. (O)10.0022.7522.750.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
ASCE - ASCENCIA LTD [Class A Shares]0.0015.7016.100.402.55 %18,000287,450.00InfoUp
ASCE.J - ASCENCIA [PREF]13.2018.8018.800.000.00 %7,500141,000.00InfoStill
ENL - ENL LIMITED10.0029.0029.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
EUDC - EUDCOS 1.0021.0021.500.502.38 %3,00064,450.00InfoUp
FIDE - THE BEE EQUITY PARTNERS LTD1.0042.0038.00-4.00-9.52 %4,200160,150.00InfoDown
PHIN - PHOENIX INVESTMENT 10.00313.75313.750.000.00 %5817,748.00InfoStill
RHT - HOLDINGS LTD10.0038.0038.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
UTIN - UNITED INVESTMENT1.0010.009.72-0.28-2.80 %2,40023,408.00InfoDown
CSE - CONSTANCE LA GAIETE COMPANY LIMITED25.00121.00121.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
MSE I - MEDINE LIMITED10.0067.0067.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
UNSE - THE UNION SUG EST LTD 1.0026.5026.500.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
ABC - ABC MOTORS COMPANY10.00110.00110.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
ACCL - ASSOCIATED COMMERCIAL 10.00150.00150.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
CHEM - CHEMCO LIMITED1.0019.1019.100.000.00 %2,30043,930.00InfoStill
CIMO - CIE IMMOBILIERE (O)10.00549.00549.000.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
Leisure & Hotels                 
CHSL - CONSTANCE HOTELS SERVICES LIMITED10.0031.8031.800.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
MOLI - MORNING LIGHT10.0041.2041.200.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
SCT - SOUTHERN CROSS TOURIST 0.004.614.610.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
TPL J - TROPICAL PARADISE (PREF)100.00293.50293.500.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
Property development                 
APL. - ATTITUDE PROPERTY LIMITED10.0012.6012.40-0.20-1.59 %120,0521,490,450.20InfoDown
NOV - NOVUS PROPERTIES LTD0.008.668.660.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
UBS - UNITED BUS SERVICE 10.0033.5033.500.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
ABC.B - ABC MOTORS NOTES25,000.0026,003.2625,743.40-259.86-1.00 %2737,027,948.20InfoDown
ASCE.B - ASCENCIA LIMITED BONDS12.0012.8312.830.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
UTIN.B2020 - UNITED INVESTMENTS LTD - BOND - 11.04.16100.00102.65102.650.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
COVI - COVIFRA10.0022.1522.150.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
FKL - CIEL TEXTILE0.0049.0049.050.050.10 %30014,715.00InfoUp
HTLS - HOTELEST LTD10.0030.7530.750.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
MASC - MEDICAL and SURGICAL CENTRE0. %5001,590.00InfoStill
MFDG - MFD GROUP LTD0.0010.6010.600.000.00 %00.00InfoStill
SIT LAND HOLDING15,000.0016,200.0016,100.00-100.00-0.62 %11177,300.00InfoDown
DEMEX 100.00231.80232.290.490.21 %00.00InfoUp
DEMTRI 100.00315.39316.060.670.21 %00.00InfoUp
SEM-BI100.000.0099.7999.790 %00.00InfoUp
SEMSI100.000.00123.59123.590 %00.00InfoUp

Market Volume Traded (shares) 165,094.00
Market (Turnover) Value Traded (Rs) 9,617,879.40
Market Capitalisation (Rs) 53,243,754,407.59